This blog was written by Adolfo Miguel Martins, PhD student and early stage researcher in Nautical Archaeology at UWTSD Lampeter. Situated in Solent eleven meters below surface lays an 8,000 years an old Mesolithic settlement. The archaeological site comprises in situ Mesolithic artefacts associated with a submerged landscape. Since 1999 archaeologists from the Maritime Archaeology […]


The exhibition ‘Lampeter and the Atom Bomb’ illustrates the posting, in December 1947, of Lampeter Lecturer in Philosophy The Revd Raymond Renowden to Japan, when he accompanied the Emperor Hirohito on his visit to Hiroshima. THE EMPEROR HIROHITO OF JAPAN (1901-1989) Hirohito, Emperor of Japan from 1926 until his death, was head of state during […]


This blog was written by Tom Butterworth, a UWTSD Philosophy student.  I first heard about PASS coming to UWTSD Lampeter was when I received an email informing me that, if I wanted to, I could become a PASS leader. PASS is the Peer Assisted Study Sessions project. This was an interesting prospect as PASS seemed […]


This blog was written by Flora McNerney, a UWTSD third-year student in Anthropology and English, who was a member of the team that worked on the material for the exhibition. Flora was the Lampeter Campus Students’ Union President in 2014/15. This year a number of third-year students embarked upon a project within the Roderic Bowen […]


This blog was written by Heather Para, a UWTSD PhD student in Archaeology, who took part in the dig. The history of Lindisfarne is as dramatic and mysterious as the landscape.  Windswept and remote, the island was home to Aidan and Cuthbert, the place where the Lindisfarne Gospels were created, and, unfortunately, the landing place […]


This blog was written by Lewis Calvert-Lee, one of our Medieval Studies students, recently took part in the reenactment of the siege at Beeston castle. ‘This weekend (4th – 5th June) I was at Beeston Castle taking part in a siege. The re-enactment group present was Historia Normannis (a medieval re-enactment group that portrays the […]

Medieval Studies

Dr Kyle Erickson of UWTSD Classics has recently published an article, jointly with David Engels of Université Libre de Bruxelles, on ‘Apama and Stratonike – Marriage and Legitimacy’, in the book ‘Seleukid Royal Women’ edited by Altay Coşkun and Alex McAuley.   Dr Erickson’s article explores the lives and careers of the first two Seleukid […]

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