Ancient Skincare Project

Ancient Skincare Project

Skincare is a part of life nowadays with advertisements on TV, radio and the internet. Most interestingly skincare has been important to human societies for millennia.

UWTSD’s Dr Jane Draycott has been awarded an AHRC Science in Culture Early Career Developmental Award for the joint project “From natural resources to packaging, an interdisciplinary study of skincare products over time” with researchers in the University of Oxford and the University of Nottingham visit testosteroni tabletit.

The project explores the substances that ancient Greeks and Romans used for skincare in order to help modern skincare specialists create new products based on botanical elements.

In this video, Dr Draycott explains the work of the project and the importance of skincare in medicine and well-being in the ancient world.

Dr Draycott is a Lecturer in Classics and specialises in medicine, magic and everyday life in the Roman world. She teaches a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, such as Medicine in the Ancient World and Magic in Antiquity.

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