This blog post is by our very own Christopher Fleming, a PhD student with the Faculty of Humanities at UWTSD, who earlier this month attended the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History.   On 17th March 2018, I was delighted to represent UWTSD at the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History (AMPAH) as […]

Ancient World

This week’s blog continues our series introducing staff who have recently started at UWTSD. This week’s interviewee is Dr Kerem Öge, who is a Lecturer in International Political Economy at UWTSD Lampeter.   What areas do you research? My research expertise lies at the intersection of International Development and Comparative Politics, with a particular focus on […]

Philosophy & Ethics

The university that came to be (after a few name changes) the University of Wales Trinity St David, was founded in 1822. At that point it was St David’s College. The college admitted its first students on St David’s Day 1827, but received its Royal Charter the following year. This is the oldest charter in […]


At UWTSD Lampeter we offer prospective students the chance to come and try out university life for a few days during our Student Experience Weekends. Stephany Aymerich, who is studying for the MArts in Classical Civilisation at UWTSD and was one of the student ambassadors who took part in the latest Student Experience Weekend, wrote of her […]

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This week’s blog is by Beñat Eguiluz Miranda, a PhD student in maritime archaeology and history at UWTSD Lampeter, and the Marie Curie Fellow with the ForSEAdiscovery Project. Every time somebody asks me ‘what is your research on?’, I don’t know what to answer. It is like gathering your scattered thoughts into some kind of […]


This week’s blog is the first in a series introducing staff who have recently arrived at UWTSD. The first blog is on Dr Shadaab Rahemtulla, who joined the Faculty of Humanities and Performing arts this semester.   What areas do you research? My research focuses on “liberation theology”. This is an approach to theology that asks […]


This week’s blog is by Hawys Jones, who is studying for a BA in Archaeology with Heritage Management at UWTSD Lampeter. Coming to University as an older student was a very easy choice for me. Despite that, I did wonder how I would do sociallay … and academically! After all it had been ten years since […]

Student Life

This week’s post is by Sofia Bianchi Mancini, one of our postgraduate research students in Classics at UWTSD Lampeter. My name is Sofia Bianchi Mancini, I am in my final year of MRes in the department of Classics. My research focuses on an explanation of how shame could have been used as a manipulative technique […]

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