Each year, UWTSD Lampeter borrows some objects from the collection at Cyfarthfa Castle Museum in Merthyr Tydfil. This gives our students in Archaeology, Heritage, and Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East a chance to experience handling and cataloguing ancient artefacts.

Dr Katharina Zinn, our resident senior Egyptologist, has been working with Cyfarthfa Castle Museum for several years on their uncatalogued and unpublished collections. This year’s exhibition will be the fifth annual exhibition curated by our students.


The first hurdle: opening up the secure cases…
We managed – and here are our beauties


Still preparing to go to the object tables, but discussions are already in full swing: what will we see under the microscope?
Deep breath, now I can start?
Look here, the border between the black and red is really telling
So, how do I best place the special paper on for the rubbing?
We work the students down to the bone – or “Who said these are quality gloves?”


Such a nice cartouche of Amenhotep III
This time, we got the science team in: is the scarab made from bone or not?
Wow, is he heavy!


Did I describe every detail? Is my catalogue entry ready for submission?



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