New Member of Staff at UWTSD: Dr Angus Slater

New Member of Staff at UWTSD: Dr Angus Slater

In this blog, we are finding out more about one our newest members of staff at UWTSD, Dr Angus Slater, Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies.

Where were you before you came to UWTSD?


Before coming to UWTSD, I had studied for my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Lancaster University in the northwest of England. Having completed my doctorate, I worked at both Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria for a time, before moving to London.
Just prior to taking up the position at UWTSD, I worked in student discipline at Keele University, investigating incidences of sexual violence and criminal activity.


What areas do you research?
My main research interest is in the relationship between the Christian and Islamic traditions,

particularly in the areas of inter-faith dialogue, Christian theology, and Islamic Law. This has been sparked by my interest in things like identity, authority, and the narratives that we use in order to structure

our relations with others. I am currently looking at the role of ‘beauty’ within the ethical


approaches of both traditions, examining the role that beauty plays in the methodology of Islamic Law and in the representation of Christian theology.
In addition, and growing out of my general interests, I am involved in research in the fields of queer theory and theology, ludology (the study of games), and the construction of identity in contemporary society.
What are you teaching?
I am currently closely involved in the provision of teaching for the new Professional Doctorate in Interfaith Studies programme, teaching on the different methods and approaches to interfaith study.
I also teach more generally on aspects of Christianity, Christian theology, and aspects of Islam.

Since starting work at UWTSD, what have you enjoyed most?
I have to say, I am really enjoying the ability to bring to life for students the importance and ubiquity of religion in our contemporary world – the way that religions provide meaning for every aspect of our lives and the way that they continue to have an impact even if we are not members of a specific tradition.
Plus the walk in to work from where I am living (Cwmann) is a glorious opportunity to revel in the feeling of living and working in this beautiful setting.

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