This week’s blog is by Dr Katharina Zinn, Senior Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology and Heritage at UWTSD Lampeter. She recently ran a workshop with a local school which explored the way we present and relate to archaeological artefacts.

Why always create academically correct object biographies? It is so much more fun to be creative and tell lies. Or are they lies?

Year 10 English pupils of Ysgol Bro Pedr, Lampeter engaged on Tuesday, 24th May, in the creative writing workshop “Museum of Lies” and wrote imaginative short stories around the Egyptian objects which will form the basis of the exhibition “The Materiality of the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife” which started on 1st June. The stories are part of the exhibition. Do you want to know what the first ancient Egyptian selfie looks like, why Egyptians need ash trays and was Darth Vader did in Ancient Egypt? … If you do, come and visit us in the exhibition.

Thank you very much to the class and Ms Phillips, their English teacher!

Hmm, what to write?


Hotly discussed objects.


You really think I could write that?


Busy, busy, busy, and not much time!


Some difficult work, bu so much fun!


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