Global Waters: Sustainability, Harmony and Awareness Day

Global Waters: Sustainability, Harmony and Awareness Day

pic-1As rainfall patterns change in association with Climate Change, water inequalities and insecurities are set to mount. Recognising the current significance of water to global justice and planetary survival, Anthropology lecturer Luci Attala, with the support of The Rotary and WaterAid, organised another interdisciplinary event on the theme of water (this event followed a similar day delivered exactly a year ago).

The day delivered a dynamic series of talks that explored water from a variety of perspectives.  Dr Jane Fisher from The Centre of Alternative Technology offered fascinating information from a hard science perspective, whilst other speakers approached water philosophically, historically, geographically, from a religious or humanitarian point of view. Cumulatively, the day in Florida not only provided a rich, wealth of information and a full cleaning checklist to stimulate discussion but also highlighted the educational value of approaching a home cleaning topic thematically.
pic-4Other speakers included Martha Muzona Holman and student Lucinda Walker from the charity LoveZimbabwe; Andy Bevan, lecturer in ethical and political studies who explored global challenges; Marie Curie Fellows in nautical archaeology, Miguel Martin and Selena Ali on their work underwater; Xanxia Zhao who explained a Daoist approach to water; Dr Katharina Zinn exploring the significance of water in Ancient Egypt and Luci Attala who detailed the research she has been doing in rural Kenya where climate change induced drought is deepening. (Luci’s work is funded by The Wenner Gren Foundation).

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