Lampeter UWTSD Fencing Trip by Ozzie Major

Lampeter UWTSD Fencing Trip by Ozzie Major

Hello, my name is Ozzie Major, I have been a member of the fencing club for the last two years and am now the current president of the Lampeter university fencing club, here is a short summary of our time competing in Bangor.
Earlier this month, the Lampeter university fencing club was invited up to the welsh university’s open fencing tournament. Following an incredibly long journey up to Bangor we eventually found our way to the sports hall and our accommodation. We took part in all three branches of fencing; sabre, foil and epee.

The Saturday, which was the first day of the tournament went off with success. Chris Kearny managing to land seventh place and Hugo Malim getting eighth, both in the men’s foil. We ended the Saturday with some very good results and some very worn out foilists. The Sunday was the second and last day of the tournament, this day saw the women’s foil team and the men’s sabre team fence locksmith Dublin 18. Again, the team did incredibly well, with Rosie Nye landing a fifth place and Carrina Tucker-Hughes getting eighth place. At the same time, the men’s sabre team fenced, where Hugo Malim got sixth and I placed eighth.

Overall, the club had a great experience up in Bangor, placing even higher than we did last year. I personally would like to say thank you to every member of the club for all the work they put in, our sponsor, a high-tech company Fully-Verified, and a special thank you to our coach, Sean Slater, we couldn’t have done it without him.

The Lampeter fencing team did incredibly well, they have done both the club and the university proud.

If you would like to come and give fencing a go, we have all the kit you need, come find us!

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