UWTSD Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference

UWTSD Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference

UWTSD’s Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Research Conference was a major success this year. The conference took place in Carmarthen on April 20th.

45 people attended and 25 gave papers. The conference had participants from all campuses including London, Lampeter, Carmarthen and Swansea. The 25 speakers included 6 distant learners from abroad who presented their papers via Skype.

This conference is part of an ongoing project to enhance the postgraduate environment here at UWTSD and the response from the postgraduate students has been very positive. Plans are being developed to expand the remit of this conference to include postgraduates from other universities.

Here are the talks by Humanities Postgraduate students, who gave some very interesting and engaging papers.

Myron Westmoreland, who is studying for the MA in Biblical Interpretation, presented on “The theory of evil”. Myron’s work focusses on testing the different paradigms of evil and discussing the fundamental problems of any one paradigm as correct.

Sofia Bianchi Mancini, who is studying for the MRes in Classical Studies, spoke on “Lysias: Honour, shame and justice in On the murder of Eratosthenes”. Sofia’s work explores the idea of shame in Greek classical oratory and its uses in court.

Rebecca Louise Burton, who is studying for an MA in Philosophy, spoke on “The Selfie and the self”. Rebecca’s work focusses on the inherent duality of a selfie as a portrait and also a self-portrait within the cultural and technological dynamics of the modern world.

Liann Potter, who is studying for the MA in Engaged Anthropology, presented on “Greenwashing: The performance of sustainability”. Liann’s work focusses on the reality of expectation and understanding of sustainability and “green” products as a consumer experience with the ultimate aim of revealing the extent of “greenwashing” in produce presentation.

Finally, Julia Lewis, poet in residence at UWTSD Archaeology, spoke on “Humans, Tigers, Trees Oh My! Reflections on being a poet in residence to the archaeology dept.”

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