Stefan Samociuk with his artwork at the RBLA
Stefan Samociuk with his artwork at the RBLA

Throughout August, Ceredigion Art Trail organised exhibitions by local artists across the county. In Lampeter there was artwork displayed in Victorial Hall, showcasing a mixture of professional, student and community art, and at the library at UWTSD Lampeter.

The exhibition hosted by the Roderic Bowen Library and Archives was called Prime Patterns and was created by local artist Stefan Samociuk, whose work is inspired by Islamic and Arabic design and is based on Euclidian geometry. With a background in physics, Samociuk uses computers to express mathematical patterns derived from prime numbers in the form of images. The artwork he displayed in the RBLA included ceramic tiles, textile prints, a giant mosaic and a video of the artist’s work.

The copy of the Qu'ran used in the exhibition.
The copy of the Qu’ran used in the exhibition.

With its fantastic collection of historial materials, the RBLA was able to display Samociuk’s work alongside artefacts which help to explain the cultural background of this work. Samociuk’s artwork was accompanied by exhibits from the RBLA which told the story of the preservation of Euclidian geometry by Arab scholars and its rediscovery by Western scholars during the Renaissance. The RBLA items on display included a centuries-old manuscript of the Qu’ran (right) and an early printed copy of Euclid.

More images from the exhibition can be  seen in this video:

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