Student Experience Weekend

Student Experience Weekend

At UWTSD Lampeter we offer prospective students the chance to come and try out university life for a few days during our Student Experience Weekends. Stephany Aymerichwho is studying for the MArts in Classical Civilisation at UWTSD and was one of the student ambassadors who took part in the latest Student Experience Weekend, wrote of her experience at the weekend.

There are many questions that cross one’s mind when trying to choose your future university, what better way of putting some of your concerns away than being able to stay and try your hand at being a university student?

The Lampeter campus welcomed prospective students from across the country to spend a weekend visiting, exploring and learning about our facilities. As a student ambassador, I had the opportunity to attend this event and see how valuable and helpful the experience is for prospective students.

Lectures, workshops and sessions run by some of our societies were a few of the activities that took place during the students’ visit (discover more here); being able to see for yourself what university life is like, what to expect from a lecture and experiencing first-hand what goes on in our town are things that even if you tried to research and look for them, you would not fully understand until you yourself are able to experience it.

I took the students on a town tour and since the people’s market was running they were able to see examples of how our student-town community interacts. Lampeter is a unique place: we are a small university in a picturesque town where the possibilities of things you can do go from pony trekking, seeing a live band to simply enjoying the activities that are put on by the Students’ Union.

Even though the research process that goes behind picking a university is not an easy one, the students that visited our campus left happy and with a taste of what being a student at a university level feels like.

Good luck to those of you that are currently going through the application process!

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