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This week’s blog is by Dr Errietta Bissa, a Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at UWTSD Lampeter. Dr Bissa has recently edited a book on ancient economics; below she explores the roles of monopolies in the ancient world. When thinking …

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Students survey and discuss ancient funerary monuments

On the final day of the field-trip, we travelled out to Pireus, the port of ancient (and modern) Athens.  Our first stop was the Hellenic Maritime Museum, where we were able to see the Olympias, a faithful full-size recreation of …

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Phil and Jake examine some of the Kerameikos' many funerary monuments

For the first four days of the School of Classics field-trip, we concentrated on the living population of ancient Attica.  For the fifth, we turned to the dead and spent the morning in the Kerameikos cemetery.  As well as the …

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Students consider Hadrian's Temple of Olympian Zeus

On the fourth day of the School of Classics field-trip we turned our attention from Archaic and Classical Athens to Roman Athens, and examined the changes made to the ancient city by Romans during the Republic and Principate. We passed …

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Every year, the School of Classics runs a week-long field-trip to a city of ancient historical and archaeological significance.  The field-trip is an option for all second and third year undergraduates taking Classical Studies or Ancient History degrees, and is …

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